Date: 11/6/2018  Time: 11:00AM PST

Are Print Sales Flat? Take 15 mins to learn more......

We have the solution to grow your recurring revenue

The Hosted VoIP Platform by a Dealer for the Dealer 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Who Monster VoIP is and Why  to Partner 
  • Partner options 
  • Partner Case Studies 
  • How to get started 


Independent Agent Commissions


So, here’s the deal—and it’s a good one. Monster VoIP Independent Agents reap our evergreen commission structure. What that means is that as long as the customer continues their Monster VoIP contract, you will earn commission. Better still, if the customer adds services to their existing contract, your commission will increase accordingly. To ensure proper commissions are upheld, Monster VoIP uses modern, trustworthy accounting software to track and report all commissions. As an Independent Agent, expect to see your check hit your bank account via direct deposit on the 15th of every month. Really.



White Label Solution


Want to expand your brand? Join Monster VoIP by generating revenue under your own brand with our White Label Solution! Monster VoIP will provide you with everything you need to start, run, and support your own branded Business Communications platform. All services and telecom are provided at wholesale pricing with low monthly minimum requirements. Portal features and billing are under your own brand, making for a smooth transition to add this solution to your offerings. What’s stopping you?